As an education administrator, you have a special responsibility to the community and students you serve. You must provide a first class education, as well as a safe environment for the students and staff in your care. Instances occur daily that emphasize the ever growing importance of planning and need for limitless communications. Pre-planning is required to guard against dangers both internal and external to your campuses.

ReadyOp is the affordable solution that allows for real time voice, data, and two-way radio interoperability over IP technology. There is NO SOFTWARE TO INSTALL, and the platform is easily accessible from anywhere at any time. ReadyOp keeps your emergency plan, procedures, contacts, and documents in one location and easily distributed to EVERYONE via two-way radio, phone, email, and SMS text, with only a few clicks. ReadyOp also allows you and your staff to communicate and share data with first responding agencies as well as with all other on scene agencies, instantly creating Total Community Fusion when seconds can mean the difference between a situation and a tragedy.


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