Our first responders deserve every advancement technology can provide. These brave individuals regularly place themselves in danger while providing support, assistance, and defense for our community. Enabling them with real time situation information and borderless communications can mean the difference when seconds save lives.

ReadyOp was designed to support government and private organizations through the entire lifecycle of pre-­event planning to demobilization. ReadyOp was developed for and with actual first responders from across many different disciplines. It also encompasses lessons learned from actual events, such as wildfires, numerous hurricanes and floods as well as planned events such as parades, conferences, Presidential addresses, and more.

ReadyOp goes well beyond mass notifications  – ReadyOp is a powerful command and control, communication and collaboration platform that combines planning, callouts, information sharing, and six different means of communicating, including interoperable two-way radios, all from one simple to use software platform. Similar to mass notification programs, ReadyOp offers communication via email,  SMS text messaging and recorded voice alerts. However, only ReadyOp offers the combination of all of this, plus:

  • Host controlled conference calling
  • Secure, encrypted voice, text, video and file transfer between users
  • Total interoperability including two­‐way radio with laptops and smartphone devices

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